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I made this for my wife on her birthday. There are a number of mistakes but I had a very small window of time to learn and record the song in secret. I was somewhat familiar with the song already so that helped but the specific background parts were a bit tricky. As you can probably tell, I was looking at the sheet music – which was about 8 pages long. If I had time I would have relaid a few of the tracks. I spent about an hour recording all the parts. This included learning some of the notes as well!

Technical Notes

All the video was orginally recorded in Quicktime using the webcam and usb mic. I first recorded the lead while listening to the original in my hearphones. This gave me the foundation and kept me in tune! I then laid the bass part the same way. I then exported the audio for those two tracks, imported them into Logic (multi-track software) and lined them up. Next I recorded the baritone part while listening to the bass and lead from Logic – in order to lock the harmonies with myself. I then exported the baritone audio and brought that into Logic. From here, I repeated this process with the remaining 3 background parts until it was finished.

I then pulled all the video into ScreenFlow which makes it super easy to lay out and line up. I had to sync up all the videos so the parts were in time together. I adjusted the volume levels and added a bit of reverb, trimmed the ends, added some titles and that was it!

What I used to make the video:
Camera: Logitech HD Pro C920
Mic: Blue Yeti USB Mic
Software: Logic, Quicktime Pro & ScreenFlow
Computer: MacBook Pro

Jars of Clay is one of my all-time favorite bands – A band who one music critic said, and I paraphrase, “continues to reinvent themselves every album”. I have shared this song, Benediction, (from a more recent album, “Shelter”) a few times for special church gatherings. It is truly a great benediction.

To create the video, I, for the first time, utilized a great piece of software called ScreenFlo.  Using that with Quicktime Pro and my trusty Blue Yeti mic, I was able to put this video together very quickly.  I hope to do more multi-ben vids in the future.  Enjoy!


Charlie Lowell | Dan Haseltine | Matt Odmark | Stephen Mason

Go into the world showing how much He loves you
Walk in the world in merciful ways
He loves you He loves you

Emmanuel on earth

Yours is the body the hands and the feet
And Yours are the eyes to look compassionately
To bless you and me bless you and me
He will bless you and me

Go into the world showing how much He loves you
Walk in the world in meaningful ways
He loves you He loves you
Emmanuel on earth God with us on earth

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Five Fold Ben, the band consisting of me 5 times has released their second single.  Last year we joined together to record “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds as a gift to my wife for her birthday.  Well, we are back and this time we’ve covered a popular Beatles tune (that’s redundant) as this year’s gift.

I’ve been a Beatles fan ever since 3rd grade.  Mom would go to church choir practice and I’d go to the library across the street.  It wasn’t long before I’d checked out and listened to almost every Beatles album they had.  There was something appealing about the Beatles to me as a kid and I did a lot of listening all through middle school.  My siblings and I also would rent “Yellow Submarine” and “Help” now and then (Hard Days Night was boring and we didn’t get it).

So here it is, this year’s gift to my wife.  I love you, Nicole!  I don’t know what I would do without you!!

PRODUCTION NOTES (for those interested)

I recorded all the parts in my office on my MacBook Pro built-in camera using my strategically positioned Blue Yeti USB microphone.  After recording the parts, I exported the audio into Logic Express to mix it.  I then put it all together in Final Cut Express HD.  It was a learning experience.  Though it’s far from anything like Pompalamoose, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and hope I can make some time to do more like it.

Here’s the video!  It’s available in HD.  Click here to watch in YouTube.  As always, feel free to comment and share with friends 🙂  And to stay informed of new music and videos, subscribe to this blog or join me on my Facebook Page, Facebook.com/BenChilcoteMusic.

I’ve had this idea for a while and used the occasion of my wife’s birthday as an excuse to make it. Up front, I will admit that it’s very rough – only because I don’t have a lot of time to put in to these video shananigans (how do you spell that silly word?). It was pretty much a one-take, make it up on the fly kind of deal. I was pleased at my first real attempt at using a green screen, though it was glitchy. My original plan was to arrange the song and perform everything live but as I thought it through, that clearly would have taken a lot more time to learn all the parts. In stead I chose to record it ahead and just make a conventional music video.

I (we) hope you like it! And now…Five Fold Ben performing The Luckiest by Ben Folds! (confusing, I know)

The song is one I have always liked a lot since my friend Andy introduced me to Ben Folds. The original is done with piano and strings and I’ve often felt the song was reflective of my life. Not in the superstitious sense (I don’t believe in luck) but in the sense that I don’t know why, but God has always worked things out for me. That God has reserved great things to bring to my life. And it just makes me feel like my life has been really good – but not because of anything I’ve done.